I am pleased to highly recommend Kristin to anyone interested in learning how to apply the principles of the Saam acupuncture tradition to their clinical practice… Kristin has become the moderator of the lively and influential Saam discussion forum on Qiological. I have worked closely with Kristin as she ensures the clear dissemination of the tradition in her role as moderator. In this role, I have found Kristin to be consistently thoughtful, kind, and impeccable as she guides students to safely incorporate the tradition into their practices. 

In January of this year she became the first teaching assistant for the tradition. By marrying her twenty years of clinical experience to her dedication to the Saam tradition she would serve as an ideal mentor. I recommend her without reservation.”

Toby Daly, PhD,  Lac

This Saam mentorship site is for those who have completed Introduction to Saam with Toby Daly.

As moderator of the Saam forum at Qiological.com, I often saw students, both new and seasoned, present mistaken ideas that compromised their ability to safely and effectively treat their patients. From the start of my study, it has been clear that learning to recognize and treat the qualities of the channels in your patients requires a frequent return to the foundations of the system.

Toby has worked with me closely on the forum, in private mentorship and in several clinical settings. I am in close contact with him to ensure that what I transmit to you is consistent with his teaching. As well, clinical weight of information will be noted- the “rocks” of my limited clinical experience will be differentiated from the “gems” of the tradition and Toby’s much more extensive clinical experience.

I enjoy helping students develop Saam specific observation and analytical skills. This program fulfills my desire to provide students with practical tools to help them get clear with this powerful system while I continue to dive deeper myself.

Enrollment Cost:

Saam and White Pine “Inner Circle” Membership: $35.00 *save $4 per month

Saam Monthly Membership: $14.00


Kristin Wisgirda MTOM, L.Ac

I graduated summa cum laude from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (San Diego) in 1999 and have been practicing in southeastern Massachusetts since. Before Saam, I practiced in the traditions of Kiiko Matsumoto, Wang Ju-Yi, and also received sports medicine acupuncture certification with Matt Callison.

I have been studying with Sharon Weizenbaum for as long as I have been practicing and am taking the GMP for the third time. Sharon’s method of seeing elemental/physical physiology and pathology informs my understanding and practice of Saam. I am interested in continuing to explore the overlaps, while noting where Sharon’s method and Saam differ in terms or orientation.