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White Pine Circle provides a robust, user-friendly, and beautiful platform with support for teachers who want to create in-depth, interactive courses with students. All of our courses are curated to ensure the highest quality of training.  All courses are available to members and non-members. White Pine Circle members will always get a discount on our courses. We are proud to host some of the best teachers in the field of East Asian Medicine.

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Join us for this 2 ½ year Graduate Mentorship Program, taught by Sharon Weizenbaum, for those students and practitioners who have completed or are soon to complete foundational Chinese herbal training.

During the program, students become involved in a community of practitioners and receive steady contact and in-depth involvement with the material and resources.


The White Pine Circle is your HOME for learning about Saam Acupuncture.

Current Courses


Treatment of Women Through The Great Turnings of Life with East Asian Herbal Medicine

Welcome to the White Pine Circle Comprehensive Program on the Treatment of Women Through The Great Turnings of Life with East Asian Herbal Medicine

One Year Mentorship starting in January, 2023

This program is the only gynecology and obstetrics training available in the west in which the teachers have a direct lineage connection to both practicing obstetricians and to originally translated source material, written by modern and ancient practicing Chinese gynecologists and obstetricians.

Japanese Abdominal Diagnosis: Fukushin

Instructor: Kumiko Shirai

Japanese abdominal diagnosis or Fukushin is the diagnostic art developed in medieval Japan  (Edo period 1603-1867 CE) based on the classical writings by Zhang Zhongjing. Careful  inspection of the Shanghan Zabing Lun reveals countless references to abdominal conditions that  could only have been diagnosed by actual palpation of the abdomen. The skill however never  fully developed in China but flourished in Japan. Throughout history, two major schools and  types of abdominal diagnosis developed; Nanjing and Shanghan Lun schools, which respectively  diagnose the abdomen in service of either acupuncture or meridian treatment, and herbal  treatment. 

On Demand Courses

Take these courses anytime you want.

Saam Acupuncture Level One

with Toby Daly Phd, L.Ac

This course provides information on the Saam Korean monastic acupuncture tradition from a theoretical, historical, and practical perspective. Special attention is given to this system’s implementation into a successful TEAM clinical practice.

18 Acupuncture CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $216
Regular Price: $295

Saam Acupuncture Level Two

with Toby Daly Phd, L.Ac

This course will provide the student with advanced concepts in the Saam acupuncture tradition. This six-week workshop will allow the student to begin using the draining and bilateral pair combinations of the Saam tradition immediately after the completion of the course. The course begins with theoretical and clinical considerations for applying these advanced concepts.

18 Acupuncture CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $216
Regular Price: $295

Introduction to the Great Turning

with Sharon Weizenbaum

Join Sharon for the first class of the two-year White Pine Graduate Mentorship Program. This covers our orientation in time and space as practitioners.

3 Acupuncture CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $45
Regular Price: $75

Shang Han Lun in Clinic: Didactic Course

with Nadine Zäch

As one’s training in classical Chinese medicine develops, pulse can become more and more of a Rosetta stone for honing diagnosis into the final formula choice. This process involves gathering information through questions, observation and palpation and then processing that information in such a way that supports the articulation of a clear diagnosis.

36 Herbal CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $500
Regular Price: $600

Applying the Shang Han Lun to Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment

with Maya Suzuki

In this four part introduction we will cover how to take your herbal knowledge and begin to transfer it to your acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. We will do this covering some very key formulas in the Shang Han Lun: Gui Zhi Tang, Ge Geng Tang, Ma Huang Tang, and Da Qing Long Tang. We will cover these basic formulas in a visible method and discuss how to take your acupuncture and moxibustion and apply it according to the ancient knowledge contained within this volume.

3 Acupuncture CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $60
Regular Price: $100

The 12 Channels of Saam

with Kristin Wisgirda MTOM, L.Ac

Whether you have been practicing Saam for several years or you have just taken Saam Level 1 with Toby Daly, this course is an opportunity to review and refine your understanding of the 12 channels.

12 Acupuncture CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $220
Regular Price: $280

Introduction to Paediatric Acupuncture 4 Part Series

with Rebecca Avern L.Ac, Dip Paed AC, MBAcC

Paediatrics has been a specialism of Chinese Medicine since the Song dynasty. Yet it is still a small minority of acupuncturists who treat children. We will explore what it is like to treat children. How is it different to adult practice? What stops practitioners from doing it and how can we overcome these barriers? Children need our medicine now more than ever. This series will give you a taste of the day to day reality of being a paediatric acupuncturist, and inspire you to begin welcoming children to your clinic.

4 Acupuncture CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $60
Regular Price: $100

Biomedical Terminology for OB/GYN Patients

with Caroline Radice DACM, L.Ac.

This 3 part course is to familiarize anyone working with OB/GYN patients with the language of biomedicine that patients may bring to clinic. It is for anyone who doesn’t feel articulate with different types of diseases presentations and will review basic symptomology as well as highlight when to refer patients to a western practitioner.

7.5 Herbal CEUs

Inner Circle Members: $187.50
Regular Price: $117.50

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