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Monthly Resources that provide in depth education, community interaction AND ALL the CEU’s you need for NCCAOM and California 2 year license renewal, FREE with membership.


In addition to many free monthly resources, White Pine Circle offers in-depth, interactive courses. Courses are designed for students to interact with their instructor over time to ensure transmission of knowledge and understanding. All courses are reviewed by the advisory board and curated so that the highest quality instruction is guaranteed. White Pine Circle membership entitles you to receive a discount on our courses.


Whether you want to teach a course or take a course, you can do that in the White Pine Circle


In depth, expert-moderated discussion forums and resource sharing. Apply to create and moderate your own discussion forum to receive a free membership.


White Pine Circle offers informal mentoring through discussion forums as well as formal mentoring. Experienced elders in our field are available to help through their private mentoring offices as well as short-term, small group mentoring courses.


White Pine Circle community members can apply for the opportunity to teach their course material. The White Pine Circle offers teachers an open-source, flexible and robust platform to produce beautiful and intuitive short or long term interactive courses. Teachers always maintain full ownership and control over their material, as well as the bulk of the income, while receiving support in the building, design and launching of their courses.


Membership in the White Pine Circle Connects you with a strong community of inspired practitioners