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The role of the Oshide (guide hand) in Japanese acupuncture needling is profound and cannot be ignored.
Despite the style of needling it is universally used and universally accepted as the proper way to stabilize the needle shaft, reduce pain on insertion and during manipulation, and the best way to connect to the needle to transmit ki and read the patient’s ki. In this hands-on lecture, I will start to break down the role of the Oshide and how you can start incorporating it into your practice to have a gentler and more effective session for your patients. This class is also foundational to further study with advanced Japanese-trained practitioners. We will cover 3 pivotal needle techniques during this class including Nenshin (drill technique), Okurikomi (lifting and thrusting), and Guide Tube Tap-in, and how they differ during treatment.

Please bring several pieces of fruit a large mixing bowl filled with water to the brim, and a few 20×50 needles to practice this technique together during the class.

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