5 Month Online Course beginning February 3, 2024
+ 7 Day In Person Retreat from July 22 – 28

72 CEUs Pending NCCAOM Provider # 278
This course has been approved by the California Acupuncture Board,
Provider Number 679, for 72 hours of continuing education.

The Course Will Cover…

Diagnosis and treatment according to the Classical Chinese Medicine guidelines of Jingui Yaolue, the classic “Prescriptions of the Golden Cabinet”. The treatment of illnesses contracted from the outside is described in the Shang Han Lun (SHL). With all scenarios, of pathologies following their path without treatment, with mistreatment in a normal way. The Jingui Yaolue completes this, with the treatment of complex illnesses (Za Bing). Some are still contracted from the outside but onto chronic pathological states, some are caused from the inside (mental emotionally), some are contracted in “uncommon” ways, like animal bites, traumas, vaccines etc.

Both books together, the Shang Han Za Bing Lun, contains the treatments of all diseases out there. The classical knowledge of physiology and pathology leads to the understanding of diseases. The Jinggui Yaolue recipes (as the ones of the SHL) are based on one of the oldest works of Chinese Medicine, the Huang Ti Nei Jing, often referred to as the “Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine”.

Based on the original texts of Jingui Yaolue, disease patterns are decoded, the diagnosis is made and the treatment is determined. Diagnostics/treatments with classical recipes are discussed and the underlying pulse diagnostics are practiced.

We always work practically (during retreats) so that you are as able as possible to apply what you have learned in your clinical practice.

In person retreat will be held in Amherst, MA at the White Pine Healing Arts Clinic

General Public

$80000 / $2,450

Inner Circle Member

$60000 / $2,050

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After taking this course, you will be prepared to:

  • Distinguish and diagnose complex pathological conditions of all kinds.
  • Apply Classical Chinese recipes according to Jingui Yaoue based on the corresponding pathology.
  • Diagnose and treat complex conditions of all kinds in your clinical practice according to Classical Chinese Medicine guidelines of the Jingui Yaolue.


Previous knowledge of Classical Chinese Medicine formulas and texts is a great advantage, but not a requirement

Class Schedule:

All classes will be held on Saturday from 10am – 4pm EST and will include a 1 hour lunch break.

  • February 3 – JG1 – Digestive problems from the Jingui
  • March 2 – JG2 – Lung problems/cough from the Jingui
  • April 6 – JG 3 – Empty states of all kinds from the Jingui
  • May 4 – JG 4 – Edema/swelling of all kinds from the Jingui
  • June 8 -JG 5 – Wind stroke/abscesses/malaria-like diseases/jaundice diseases from the Jingui

Classes will be recorded and made available to students within 24 hours of class.  Nadine will also answer students questions in the online discussion forums that are included in the course.

Refund Policy

Refunds of 75% will be provided within 30 days of purchase.

Nadine Zäch

Nadine Zäch was born in Switzerland on 09/20/73. She is a federal graduated Naturopath for Chinese Phytotherapie and Acupuncture in Switzerland, and NCCAOM certified in the US since 2009, furthermore she got her “Sifu” title for Chiu Diet Da (Traumatology and Orthopedic) in 2005.

She has worked for over 20 years as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in her 3 clinics in Switzerland. (Zurich/Wil/Loehningen) Since 2005 Nadine Zaech has devoted herself to the «Shang Han Za Bing Lun» style of Chinese herbal medicine and works ever since with these classical medicine prescriptions and their modifications only.

The Shang Han Lun lineage she learned possesses an absolutely accurate Pulse-Taking and prescribing-System which is based on that. Therefore there is no way around practical training of Pulse-Taking. Ever since Nadine Zaech has worked with this System, she has taken probably more than 30,000 pulses. She has taught worldwide for many years in theory and clinic, in seminars, supervisions and her own clinics.

In addition to the many articles she wrote for professional journals, she is the author of the Shang Han Lun section of the “Leitfaden Chinesische Medizin” (Guideline Chinese Medicine) which is the reference book for Chinese Medicine Practitioners in the german speaking part of Europe.