Take parts one and two independently or as an entire course.

Students attending the entire course will also gain access to all of the class handouts and supplemental material, a live discussion forum in which they can ask questions with Alan and long term access to the class recordings.


General Public: $100
White Pine Circle / World Acupuncture Member: $85

Part One: Dancing with Needles

Tuesday, November 16th from 5 – 6:30 PM EST

1.5 credits NCCAOM (Pending for Course 1, Provider #287)


General Public: $55
White Pine Circle / World Acupuncture Member: $50

An in-depth examination of the various needling skills required to deliver the most potent Classical (Japanese) Acupuncture treatments. Topics include:

Sanshin/Scatter Needle: Used to tonify or disperse the defensive Qi in local treatment.

Tanshin/Single Needle: Is used when we balance the “Root” or fundamental cause of our patient’s malady according to the Ancient Chinese Classical texts. 

Chishin/Retained Needle: For tonification or dispersion of nutritive Qi during local treatment in addition to the treatment of front mu or back shu points

Kyūtōshin/Needle Handle Moxa: Used for chronic conditions including blood stagnation, resolving indurations and building nutritive Qi.

Hinaishin/Intradermal Needle: Take home needles used to treat painful areas. 

Chōshin tō Taishin/Deep Needle: For treatment of long-term cold stagnation, especially in the lower back and buttocks.

Part Two: Burning Ring of Fire

Tuesday, November 23rd from 5 – 6:30 PM EST

1.5 credits NCCAOM (Pending for Course 1, Provider #287)


General Public: $55
White Pine Circle / World Acupuncture Member: $50

An in-depth examination of the application of moxibustion to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. With live demonstrations. Topics Include:

Tōnetsukyu/Direct Moxibustion: A brilliantly effective form of moxibustion capable of tonifying Defensive Qi and Nutritive simultaneously.

Applied when patients are suffering from chronic health conditions including blood deficiency, compromised immune systems, the elderly and most importantly it can be used as preventative medicine.

Chinetsukyu/Heat perception platform moxibustion: Primarily used locally to release fluid accumulation and excessive Yang Qi. Can also be used to tonify both the Defensive and Nutritive Qi.

Bokyu/Stick Moxibustion: Primarily a take home technique for patient use.

Refund Policy:

Refunds of 75% will be granted up to the first day of class.  No refunds will be granted after that.

Alan Jansson

Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Japanese Acupuncture.

In clinical practice for 38 years, he is driven by a strong desire to use the consumer friendly nature and potency of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture to benefit all who seek his assistance, he is passionate about delivering excellence and positive clinical outcomes for his patient’s.

He has presented, convened and hosted more than 100 Traditional Japanese Acupuncture/Meridian Therapy workshops in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Portugal, Italy, Indonesia, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and the Czech Republic.

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Acupuncture (1985) Practitioner Diploma of Acupuncture (1984)
  • Diploma in Massage (1981)
  • Australian representative Japanese Meridian Therapy Association (2000 – )
  • Fellow Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association # 0148
  • Member Australian Traditional Medical Society # 270
  • AHPRA Registration CMR0001712141

Former Positions:

  • Board member Australian Acupuncture Association
  • Head of Acupuncture Dept. Australian Institute of Applied Sciences
  • Senior Lecturer Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast TAFE

Current Positions:

  • Founder and Director www.worldacupuncture.com (Est. 2004)
  • 38 years clinical practice
  • 27 years post and undergraduate teaching
  • Director: The Australian Centre for Natural Medicine (Est.1996)
  • Director: The Institute of Classical Oriental Medicine (Est.1996) Founder WorldAcupuncture.com (Est.2004)

Alan is a proud father of beautiful twin daughters, one of whom is his associate in practice and grandfather to 3 gorgeous grandchildren. He is also an active surfer, traveller, avid photographer, videographer and lover of music.